I come to your site for a one-hour walk around and conversation to understand your goals and discuss the challenges and opportunities of your site. I'll follow-up with a written summary of options for your site including estimated costs.

All projects include a comprehensive landscape condition assessment and analysis including how the water flows, soil type and health, slope, sun, infrastructure, and views. This in-depth analysis forms the basis of the design.

Based on your goals, I first develop a conceptual design for the site with thoughts on tree placement, hardscape, pathways, and planting types and meet with you to make sure it's on the right track and make adjustments based on your budget. Based on that conversation, I complete the final design including a plant palette and final material selection.

I use high quality, locally sourced materials and plants to build great gardens. All gardens include compost and mulch to give the plants a healthy start in their new home. Newly installed ecological gardens often look a little sparse at the beginning because I use small plants that are more cost-effective and more suited to healthy establishment but once they get their footing, they take off.

It's really important to me to make sure you get off to a good start. I will never sell you a garden, throw you the keys, and walk away! For experienced gardeners, this could include a written plant caretaking guide and for newer gardeners, I recommend a year of seasonal caretaking and coaching visits to get you started on the right foot.