Books (all available at Tacoma Public Library)

Braiding Sweetgrass, Robin Wall Kimmerer: a life changer. Kimmerer braids western scientific approaches and indigenous knowledge to demonstrate how humans can live in harmony with other plant and animal beings. "All flourishing is mutual".

Creating Sanctuary, Jessi Bloom: beautiful book about incorporating sacred spaces in your garden and plant-based medicine by PNW permaculture leader, Jessi Bloom.

Gaia's Garden, Tobi Hemenway: this was my (any many others') gateway drug to ecological gardening. In particular, it was the first time it dawned on me that growing my own food is just as/if not more important than planting natives.

Grow a Little Fruit Tree, Ann Ralph: a great fruit tree pruning method that keeps the tree shorter than you so that you can easily harvest the fruit.

Urban Foraging, Lisa Rose: did you know you can eat a lot of the weeds in your yard? Don't be surprised when I knock on your door and ask to harvest the chickweed in your lawn.


LANDBACK Magazine: published by NDN Collective, inspiring and informative magazine featuring indigenous authors exploring the Land Back movement.

Pierce County Master Gardeners: go-to source for plant information including natural pest management.

Xerces Society: great resource for pollinator plant information.

Plants and Materials

Calendula Nursery: my favorite nursery in Tacoma. You can purchase native plants as well as some of the fun edibles I like to work with.

Cedar Grove: great source for soil, compost, and mulch. Most of their products are organic and they are tested to meet compost standards. They have a Tacoma (Waller) location and deliver.

Chip Drop: free arborist wood chips! You have to receive a full truckload (around 20 cubic yards) so if you have a driveway or large parking strip, this is a great option.

Grit City Trees: free street trees in Tacoma.

One Green World Nursery: mail order from Portland, great source for perennial vegetables.

Northwest Meadowscapes: awesome source for meadow seed mixes.

RainTree Nursery: long-time trusted mail-order nursery in Morton, WA with a focus on bare-root fruit trees.

Siskiyou Seeds: awesome mail-order seed supplier.

Tagro: if you don't have space for a chip drop, Tagro will deliver wood chip mulch by the cubic yard. They don't advertise wood chips (arborist mulch) but if you call, they have it.

Wild Dreams Farm: my favorite source for seeds! Located on Vashon Island. Seeds are available via mail, farmers markets, and other retailers. 

Using Your Harvest

American Aronia Berry Association: if I put an Aronia in your design yard/ here's what to make with the berries (muffins!)

Food in Jars: great resource for preserving your harvest.

Recompose Ecological Death Care: human composting is a great way to keep giving back to mother earth after your death.